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Order questions

1.How do I order?

To order a product just click ’ADD TO SHOPPING CART’ button, located under product’s picture. You can find the goods ordered in the shopping cart item. This will then commence the check out and payment process. Just follow all the prompts which will collect information such as the shipping and payment details. Once your order has been processed you will receive an email confirming your purchase. Shipping costs are out of your consideration and we are responsible for it (except the returned goods)

2. How do I choose the correct size and style?

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3.When will I receive my order?

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4. Can I get more discounts?

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5. Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide.

Payment questions

1. How can I pay for my order and how secure is it?

You can pay for your order using the pay pal and Credit Cards now. At present, we can accept Master Card & Visa Card. After receiving your payment, we will confirm the order information with you and arrange the shipping.

2. Currencies in the website?

The main currencies on our website are USD, EUR AND GBP. Note, that the final transaction will be processed in US Dollars, but converted into your local currency by your credit card provider.

3. Are there any additional duties or taxes?

Service questions

1. Shipping timing and cost?

Orders should arrive in 3-4 business days from the date your order was shipped. Delivery times may be longer during the January- February period Shipping costs are in our responsibility.

2. Is it safe to buy from your website?

If you have any doubts about shopping online, you’re right to be cautious. Here’s some key information about our website to give you more confidence in starting shopping with us. (1) All the products you buy from our website are covered by a 14-days-refund and 14-days-exchange guarantee. All products have passed strict inspection before they go out and also we will have a secondary inspection before shipping, which is one additional level of quality over and above what is done in the factory. (2) You are supported by friendly English speaking staff before and after placing an order, and you can get full product information and support even before purchasing. (3) Your goods are packed carefully, and the packages are correctly labeled and accompanied by all the paperwork that’s needed for smooth clearance through your country’s customs. (4) The information we collect from you is used only to process and ship your order. We are serious about protecting our customer’s personal information. We will not sell, rent, trade or give away individual personally identifiable information entered on this site to any third party.

3. Policy of Refund, Maintenance and Replacement

We will try our best to make sure the products shipped to our customers are in the best condition

(1) Refund: We will issue you a FULL REFUND once we have received the product in question. However, you have to pay for the initial and return shipping charges. And we are not responsible for returned products lost in post. Our website cannot give a full refund for quality problems such as: “I have changed my mind on this product.” “The product is not what I’d imagine it to be.” “I don’t like this product after I have received it.” We will deduct 15% handling fee based on your order total amount and give you a partial refund. You cannot change or return the product if you don’t like the size and the color. Please choose the right size and color carefully before purchasing.

(2) Maintenance: We offer special promotional price for our products and they are special offers, so you need to ship them back to us directly to get your problem fixed.

(3) Replacement: We offer replacement policy in the condition that there are some obvious quality problems of the items if you wish to replace your “unworn” footwear within 14 days of receiving your order, you can come to our live support or send us an email and we will tell u how to solve the problem. You can choose a replacement of the same product or product of the same value. We will ship a new item to you once we get the item in question. However, you have to pay for the original and return shipping charges. And we are not responsible for returned products lost in post.